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Each individual has a unique physical structure. Certain foods may be beneficial to one person but may be harmful to you...

By not knowing which foods are suitable to our physical health, we can easily ingest foods (allergens) that are harmful to our bodies.

Our immune system will treat the “harmful foods” as an enemy, thus causing inflammation and damage. This is so-called “allergy”.

Allergies can be divided into two types.
Acute allergy: the culprit is IgE. Asthma, urticarial, and dyspnea are the most common clinical sign. Generally, clinical signs can improve a lot by determining and avoiding trigger allergens through the IgE test.
Chronic allergy: the culprit is IgG. This type of allergy is mostly caused by foods. However, slow onset and non-specific symptoms make it difficult to make a right diagnosis.

Are certain foods making you sick? Let our allergen test guide you to a healthier life!

Our allergen test can help you:1. Limit allergen exposure and avoid intake of allergenic foods. 2. Decrease formation of immune complexities and free radicals. 3. Get back to a healthy and vigorous life.

1. People who are allergic.
2. People who are predisposed to allergies.
3. At least one parents with a predisposition to allergies.
4. Mothers during the early stages of pregnancy:
Determining and avoiding high risk foods in the early stages of pregnancy (the first three months) can reduce the allergic probability in newborns.
5. School-aged children:
The immune systems of children are not fully developed, making them susceptible to allergens, therefore prevention of allergies should begin during childhood.
6. People who are looking for a better quality of personal health and life.