Sentinel®FMDV type O Structural Protein Antibody Rapid Test


Foot-and –Mouth Disease, which is a highly contagious and rapid-spreading virus correlated disease, threatened the livestock industry. In epidemic areas, injection of inactivated vaccine is usually the way to prevent the disease from spreading. The titer of the neutralizing antibody against FMDV induced by the vaccine correlated with swine protection. Hence, measuring the titer of serum neutralization antibodies against FMDV becomes an important issue.


FMDV type O Structural Protein Antibody Rapid Test is an immunochromatographic lateral flow assay designed to detect antibodies against structural protein of Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus (type O) in swine blood.


Sentinel® FMDV type O Structural Protein Antibody Rapid Test could be applied on detection of the antibody against the structural protein of FMDV by the way of immune-chromatography. During the process, the specimen

(serum / plasma / whole blood) should be added to the sample well (S). The antibody labeled gold conjugate (gold-Ab) would form a complex with the antibody against structural protein of FMDV in the specimen (gold-Ab-anti-SP). When the complex overflows the test line (T), where recombinant structural protein of FMDV is immobilized, would then form a visible band. The color of the aforementioned band indicates the presence of anti-structural protein antibody in the specimen.