Sentinel®FMDV SP Antibody ELISA Kit(Type-O)


Foot and Mouse Disease (FMD) which is highly contagious and spread rapidly is a server threat to the livestock industry. In epidemic areas, inactivated FMDV vaccine have been used to prevent the disease. The titer of neutralization antibody against FMDV induced by the vaccine is related to the protection from FMD. Therefore, measuring the serum neutralization antibody titer specific to FMDV is an important step to prevent of FMD.


The Sentinel® FMDV SP Ab ELISA Kit is a blocking ELISA designed to measure the amount of antibodies against the structural protein of Foot and Mouse Disease Virus (FMDV) in swine serum or plasma.


The Sentinel® FMDV SP Ab ELISA Kit includes ELISA plates coated with recombinant FMDV structural protein (SP). 20 times diluted test samples are dispensed to the wells of an ELISA plate, and then anti-FMDV Ab in the test samples will bind to recombinant FMDV SP. After washing, HRP labeled anti-FMDV specific monoclonal antibody is added. Therefore, the HRP labeled antibody bind to the rest of recombinant FMDV SP and form antigen-antibody complex. Finally, TMB is used as a chromogen for color development. Color intensity is measured by ELISA reader at a wavelength of 450 nm and then percentage inhibition (PI) can be calculated to identify the amount of anti-FMDV Antibody in the specimen.