AllertSoft II
What are the ingredients in AllertSoft II?

Each capsule of AllertSoft II contains a probiotic complex of 2 billion live bacteria, which is formulated with biotin, zinc, dietary fiber, oligofructose, and vitamins E, D, and A. Based on the expert recommendations of veterinarians, this formulation is ideal for pet health. Moreover, AllertSoft II has a great taste that pets love, making it easy to administer and rapidly alleviate the symptoms of allergic reactions.

Should my pet take AllertSoft® II Intense, or AllertSoft®II Maintenance?

Recommended use : AllertSoft® II Intense should be administered at the time of acute onset of an allergic reaction, along with any complimentary medication prescribed by your veterinarian.Once your pet recovers from the initial acute phase allergy, switch to AllertSoft® II Maintenance to maintain gastrointestinal and immune health.If AllertSoft® II Maintenance results in relatively insufficient , pet owners may use AllertSoft® II Intense during the maintenance phase.

Do bacterial strains with the same name always have the same function?

No. Even when they have the same name, the function and make-up of individual bacterium can differ tremendously. Bacteria are given identification numbers called “strain numbers” based on their respective sources, and regulations implemented in 2002 by the United States of America and the WHO/FAO indicate that bacterial function is derived from the individual strains, rather than the species origin. For example, brewer's yeast and baking yeast are very different and should not be used interchangeably;et brewer’s and baking yeast are both called Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Even so, these two kinds of yeast have entirely different functions which result in very different tastes. Similarly, there are over one hundred different strains of lactic acid bacteria. In summary, if two kinds of bacteria share the same name, it is important to check the strain number to determine whether they are indeed the same type.

Can pets use the same probiotic products as humans?

In general, the cellular composition and physical make-up of gastrointestinal (GI) tracts differ from species to species. Studies have shown that unique physiological differences between different GI tracts may affect the growth of probiotic organisms. Therefore, it is highly recommended to only give probiotic products that are specially designed and formulated for companion animals to your pet.

How is AllertSoft II administered?

Most pet owners choose to mix AllertSoft II into their pet's food or water, but you can decide what is best for your pet. However, keep in mind that food or water which is not readily consumed may result in a strange odor caused by fermentation, and the food or water may spoil. Alternatively, you can pour some of the powder onto your palm and let your pet eat directly from your hand. This method can even help to form a stronger bond between you and your pet!

Some products contain 7 or even 13 different strains of bacteria. Are products with more types of probiotic organisms always better?

This is a common misconception. In the body, probiotic organisms have a complementary effect, but the effects of combining different bacteria in a probiotic complex must always be analyzed based on empirical data in the laboratory. It is important to note that the intestinal tract has a limited surface area for nutrients from food and water to co-exist with probiotic organisms. Thus, any excess of non-compatibleprobiotic organisms will lead to mutual competition. In other words, only the strongest organisms will survive. However, the “strongest” bacteria are not necessarily the most beneficial to the health of the host.

What are “resident probiotics”?

Two types of GI tract organisms can be found in the body: resident and transient organisms. Transient bacteria cannot survive for long periods of time within the host while conferring beneficial effects, so these transient organisms must be consumed daily to achieve prolonged health benefits. Transient organisms do not fulfill the criteria for being classified as a probiotic, as they cannot exist symbiotically within the host. Resident bacteria, on the other hand, adhere to the cells of the host's intestinal tract and are able to proliferate, slowly building up a presence of beneficial probiotic organisms and produce probiotic products which improve the host's health and overall immune function.

Are probiotics the same as lactic acid bacteria?

No. Not all lactic acid bacteria are probiotic bacteria. Lactic acid bacteria must fulfill certain criteria before they can be classified as a probiotic organism. In fact, some lactic acid bacteria do not inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, and may actually be beneficial to the growth of dangerous bacteria such as salmonella. These types of bacteria can be detrimental to health rather than beneficial.

What are the criteria for classifying probiotics?

According to the World Health Organization, the term "probiotic" refers to good bacteria that are able to take up residency and reproduce within the host in a symbiotic relationship. Such bacteria must also be able to confer health benefits when administered in adequate amounts.

How long does it take to see results?

On average, you might be better within 2 to 4 weeks of consistent use.Findings obtained from recent clinical trials indicate that better health were reported up to 2 months after routine administration of AllertSoft II, while the skin may be better in as little as 3 to 5 days after the consumption of probiotics.

What should I do if there is no improvement after 1–2 months?

If you don’t feel better after 2 months of taking AllertSoft II, we recommend that you have your pet tested for allergies in order to identify if there is continued exposure to an allergen in your pet's environment or diet. However, scientific studies have indicated that nearly 30% of pets do not experience a significant difference in health after consuming probiotics products, which is on par with the findings in human subjects.

What situations can AllertSoft II help? 

The most common allergy symptoms in dogs are skin-related, such as itching (also known as ‘atopic dermatitis’). Inhalant allergies that affect the respiratory tract trigger symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, or wheezing, in addition, pet owners may occasionally observe liquid/mucus discharge from the eyes and nose (conjunctivitis or atrophic rhinitis) of their pet(s) suffering from allergies. Food allergies that affect the digestive system may lead to diarrhea and/or vomiting. Each of food or air-borne allergic reactions can be helped by using AllertSoft II.

How does AllertSoft II work?

The gastrointestinal tract houses the majority of the immune system. AllertSoft II contains functional lactic acid bacteria that act on the gastrointestinal cells, helping to balance overall immune. Various lactic acid bacteria help digest food in the gastrointestinal tract, which reduces the overall size of protein molecules and this decreases the risk of certain foods. In addition, AllertSoft II contains probiotic organisms that adhere to the intestinal walls and form a protective layer along the intestinal mucosa. This prevents food molecules that have only been partially broken down from passing through the GI tract, which also reduces allergy symptoms.

Is AllertSoft II a life-long maintain option?

The beneficial outcome of consuming probiotic products depends on each pet's unique condition and genetic make-up. Some dogs may require continual use of AllertSoft II over the span of their entire life, while others can gradually reduce their feeding amount of AllertSoft II reduced as patient get healthCompared to the cost of repeatedly purchasing hypoallergenic dog food coupled with frequent visits to the veterinarian for check-ups and treatment, AllertSoft II is a safe, affordable, and effective solution for sensitive patients.

When should the feeding amount of AllertSoft II be increased?

You may increase the feeding amount of AllertSoft II to combat seasonal allergies – usually indicated by increased scratching or overall discomfort and anxiety, In addition, you should increase the feeding amount of AllertSoft II prior to exposing your pet to particular environments which will likely trigger an allergic reaction. By increasing the feeding amount of AllertSoft II in advance, you can help to bolster your pet’s immunity and soothes sensitivity .

Why must the feeding amount of AllertSoft II be increased in anticipation of an allergic episode? Can't the feeding amount simply be increased when symptoms appear?

The appearance of allergy symptoms indicates that the immune system has already been disrupted. The half-life of biologically active IgE in the bodyis typically 2.5 days. However, the appearance of symptoms indicates that IgE has likely already bound with the antigen, which increases the half-life to over 10 days. At this stage, there is increased expression of cytokines, which play an important role in the allergic response. Once this occurs, more time is required to suppress the allergic response, which poses a greater risk to your pet’s health.

Are there any precautions for taking AllertSoft II?

AllertSoft II is safe and causes no side effects, and it may be safely taken along with other medications and supplements such as fish oil, antihistamines, and steroids -all of which can be used to rapidly minimize symptoms of allergy. However, AllertSoft II should not be administered with antibiotics. As allergic symptoms decrease, more aggressive medications (i.e.corticosteroid, antihistamine) can be discontinued until allergies are manageable using minimal amounts of prescription or over the counter medication.

Can AllertSoft II be used by pets other than dogs, such as cats?

The probiotics contained within AllertSoft®II are extremely safe for oral consumption as commensal bacteria are normally present throughout not only in canine but also in feline digestive system. So there will be no adverse cross reactions when administration ofAllertSoft® II to feline.
Regarding its efficacy on feline allergies, we have not done feline model to confirm its efficacy on feline allergies. But there are many good feedbacks from clinicians who have applied AllertSoft II to cats suffering from GI problems.
As always, any questions or concerns you may have about your pet’s diet should be discussed with your veterinarian before starting a new regimen.

Does AllertSoft II cause any negative side effects?

To date, studies on the use of probiotic supplements have not reported serious negative side effects from consuming probiotics other than soft or loose stool during the initial use phase. These initial symptoms are due to the re-balancing of the intestinal microflora, and is no cause for concern.

Can I get results faster if I give my pet extra feeding amount of AllertSoft II?

Consuming more than the recommended feeding amount of AllertSoft II will not have a significant positive effect on the health of your pet because the total surface area of the gastrointestinal tract is limited. Probiotic organisms must attach to gastrointestinal cells in order to take up residence in the gut, and any excess bacteria unable to attach to the GI tract are simply passed through the body and excreted via defecation. This is why the daily recommended dosage of 1–1.5 billion probiotic organisms is fully adequate. In fact, extra doses may lead to fluid and electrolyte imbalances, which can cause diarrhea.

Why does AllertSoft II need to be refrigerated?

Refrigeration helps to keep probiotic organisms alive and viable. Viability not only determines the ability of the immune system to defend itself against harmful bacteria, but also affects how many probiotic organisms can take up residence in the gastrointestinal tract lumen. Only live bacteria can take up residence in the host, regulate the immunity, and subsequently reduce the sensitivity.

Can I take AllertSoft II out of the refrigerator if I am away from home?

Results from extensive product stability testing show that AllertSoft II can be taken on the road without any cause for worry. Keeping AllertSoft II at room temperature for short periods of time, such as on the way home after purchasing it from your veterinarian, has no impact on overall product quality. Even after one week without refrigeration, the viability of the probiotic organisms in AllertSoft II remains unaffected. When traveling, simply remember to put your package of AllertSoft II back into a refrigerator once you have reached your destination.

Can I put AllertSoft II in the freezer?

Yes. Freezing AllertSoft II does not affect the viability of the probiotic organisms.

Will the constant fluctuation between refrigeration and room temperature affect the quality of AllertSoft II?

No. However, repeated exposure to significant temperature changes may cause the package to soak up condensation and damage the box. If the seal of the inner packaging is not broken, your product is still completely airtight and the quality of the product has not been affected. Clumping of the capsule contents or general absorption of moisture are normal and safe for consumption.

Does AllertSoft II have added meat flavoring to improve the taste?

Medication works better if it tastes better — and it is important that your pet enjoys it! This is one of the keys to effective medication. In order to ensure that your pet likes AllertSoft,II and to make it easier to administer to your pet, EBS has worked closely with veterinarians to develop a formula with a taste pets love. To avoid triggering reactions in pets with allergies to certain proteins, AllertSoft II does not contain any added flavoring derived from animal sources or dairy products, making it safe for your pet.

Why is AllertSoft II not sold in pet stores?

Effective management of allergies starts with accurate identification of the allergens that cause allergic symptoms. We believe proper allergy management can only be achieved through the expert diagnosis of an experienced veterinarian. This is particularly true for diagnosing skin allergies, as there are a large number of causes, but the manifestation and physical responses can look very similar. In this case, a professional veterinarian is needed to provide an accurate diagnosis - pet store employees are unable to provide this kind of service! If your pet is suffering from these symptoms, we recommend that you promptly consult a veterinarian to help keep your pet healthy.

Is AllertSoft II of good quality?

AllertSoft II contains medical grade ingredients, including functional lactic acid bacteria, probiotics, and vitamins. AllertSoft II is produced in Taiwan by United Biomedical Incorporated (a GMP pharmaceutical company). Every stage of the production process is strictly monitored to provide you with the best quality.

I had great results in the beginning phases of administering AllertSoft II, but now the supplement does not seem to be as effective. What is wrong?

Certain skin conditions may appear similar to allergy symptoms, and seasonal fluctuations in weather and temperature may also affect your pet’s health. We highly recommend consulting your veterinarian to identify the root cause of discomfort. Cleaning the house, changing blankets and carpeting, or even plants flowering near your home can trigger allergic reactions in your pet. Studies have also shown that allergies are related to temperature changes in the environment and even emotional stress. For example, being too busy to take your pet out for a walk or being away from home for too long may set off an allergic reaction in your pet. Consult your veterinarian before discontinuing AllertSoft II and/or adding alternative allergy management techniques to your pet’s health care routine.

Are there specific conditions for which pets should take AllertSoft II?

No. AllertSoft II is suitable for all dogs, including adult dogs, puppies, and pregnant dogs. The earlier your pet starts to take AllertSoft II, the healthier to skin or gatrointestine.

Can my pet take AllertSoft II along with other medications?

Oral antibiotics may have adverse drug interactions or other side effects when taken with AllertSoft II. This is because AllertSoft II consists of probiotic organisms which would be decimated by the antibiotic drugs. Suspend administration of AllertSoft II to your pet, if your veterinarian prescribes antibiotics, Once your pet has finished the antibiotic regimen, re-introduce AllertSoft II to the diet as indicated on the product monograph. AllertSoft II increases the expression of the Th1 cytokine, which boosts immunity to help your pet get healthy. 

Can my pet take AllertSoft II during and after vaccinations?

Yes. Vaccinations do not interfere with the benefit of AllertSoft II.

I have heard that pets can have different "physical constitutions" which can make them more prone to allergies. What does the term "physical constitution" mean?

“Physical constitution” refers to each individual physiological condition, which is controlled by gene expression. In the case of allergic reactions, for example, a mutation in the genetic code of a dog's skin and membrane proteins might make it easier for allergens to enter their blood stream. Some dogs may have a higher expression of IgE, while others have a higher density of cell receptors, which makes it easier for allergic reactions to be set off. These may all contribute to the differences in constitution between individual pets. The simultaneous occurrence of one or more of these conditions may make the individual more prone to allergic reactions. AllertSoft II contains functional probiotics which need to interact with gastrointestinal cells in order to be effective. In other words, cells must be able to “communicate” with each other. For some dogs, cellular communication is a fast process, while for others it is slow. Such differences may also be related to a dog's breed, age, and gender.