Company Vision
Our Principles: We at EBS are firmly committed to upholding our principles — Passion, Integrity, Professional, and Ethics (PIPE) — in all aspects of our business. Thisincludes upholding the highest standards for research and development, product manufacturing, and shaping our overall company culture around PIPE. We work hard every day to ensure that our products and services are of the highest quality and standards, and it is our mission to continuously improve the services we offer in order to better meet our customers' diverse needs. At EBS, we utilize domestic technologies and expertise to create global value and deliver superior quality products and services from Taiwan to countries all around the globe.
Our Mission: Whether it's offering an initial diagnosis and providing long term monitoring services, or delivering an effective solution to someone in need, we are dedicated to developing comprehensive total solutions for allergy management from beginning to end. We are devoted to helping those in need, and our ultimate goal is to become a globally renowned and respected brand. We aim to vertically integrate primary material suppliers (high quality producers of antibodiesand antigens) and institutions which provide the technology we need to deliver our services. In additionwe aim to develop international business opportunities for professional diagnostic testing and we have our sights set on becoming the leader of Taiwan's in vitro diagnostic testing industry. We are devoted to developing in vitro diagnostic testing for companion animals and humans- EBSintends to become Asia's leading provider of accurate, affordable and high quality Allergy Management Programs. Fighting the cause of allergy – one allergen source at a time.